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    EMEA leading the race in global millimetre wave equipment market


    The global millimetre wave equipment market has been dominated by EMEA region this year, with significant growth coming from the UK, Germany, and Russia.

    According to Infonetics’ latest report, 61 percent of the overall market revenue in the first half of 2013 came from EMEA region. The market revenue, which increased by 45 percent from the second half of 2012, amounted to €47 million.

    According to the report, equipment for the 70–90 GHz frequency band accounted for 81 percent of millimetre wave sales in the first half of 2013. The market was boosted by Israeli vendor Siklu, with its EtherHaul licensed millimetre wave products. 

    Sub10 Systems also saw increased activity and customer engagements in the first half, predominantly in the 60 GHz range, where it played a role in driving overall unit volume growth.

    In May, Infonetics said that the millimetre wave market will double in 2013.

    The growth is mainly attributed to HSPA/HSPA+ and 4G LTE deployments around the world.

    Millimetre waves occupy the 30 GHz to 300 GHz frequency bands. They are found in the spectrum between microwaves, which take up the 1 GHz to 30 GHz bands, and infrared waves, which are sometimes known as extremely high frequency (EHF). The EHF can only be used over short distances such as a few kilometres due to high free space loss and atmospheric absorption.

    The technology releases the pressure off the lower frequencies and expands wireless communications into radio technology. 

    “A number of factors are converging to power robust growth in the millimetre wave equipment market — wider adoption by operators, price erosion, spectrum availability, and the continuing demand for backhaul capacity. Infonetics is forecasting a 61 percent compound annual growth rate for millimetre wave gear from 2012 to 2017,” said Richard Webb, directing analyst for microwave and carrier Wi-Fi at Infonetics Research.