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    Ericsson announces AT&T wins


    Ericsson has announced two key tie ups with AT&T.

    First, the Sweden-based vendor has won a contract to test and verify the performance of all devices within the US-based operator’s Global SIM Program.

    Launched in 2012 the Global SIM Program is designed to support AT&T’s corporate strategy of expanding international business and take connected devices to what it describes as the “next level”.

    Second, AT&T announced it is using Ericsson’s innovative IMS-based web development platform which allows any connected device to be accessed from an existing mobile number.

    AT&T’s Global SIM Program offers a single SIM solution designed to simplify market entry for device manufacturers worldwide.

    As the number and complexity of connected devices accelerates operators are insisting on standards based device verification and carrier certification to guarantee all equipment does what it says on the box and works first time.

    The goal of the new test and verification contract is to ensure each connected unit complies and is compatible with regulatory and international carrier requirements prior to installation.

    It is designed to give operators the confidence that newly integrated equipment and applications will behave as advertised thereby minimising device returns, reducing customer service calls and the number of often surprising network alarms.

    New devices and applications are expected to perform to specifications first time and be properly supported by networks at installation.

    Explaining the benefits, Timothy Manahan, head of consulting at Ericsson said: “Our end goal is to help operators improve the customer experience by providing best quality and time to market for new devices and applications while reducing operational complexity.”

    He expects manufacturers: “…will enjoy lower service and return costs through more rigorous and upfront testing.”

    Ericsson will leverage its global expertise to verify and test AT&T’s global SIM devices in its international labs.

    It will work with the operator to help make devices and networks more compatible with each other.

    Commenting on the agreement, Glenn Lurie, president of Emerging Devices, Resale and Partnership at AT&T said: “Ericsson’s global market leadership makes it a true one-stop-shop for device and application verification. The result is additional enhancement for our customers wherever in the world they may travel.”

    The two companies subscribe to a common vision of a networked and connected global society and expect their collaboration to make new launches seamless and efficient.

    Furthering that shared vision, AT&T announced at its Developer Summit that Ericsson’s new IMS Innovation Platform, which is now in Alpha testing, is powering the operator’s Call Management API.

    This new IMS-based web real time development platform allows any connected devices to become always-open communications units, which can be reached by existing mobile numbers.

    Consumers and business users can therefore increase the value both of their mobile services and devices.

    Developers can be more creative, either reinventing services or creating new ones since applications are no longer bound by the technology platforms upon which they are built.

    “Developers will take the concept of the existing phone call, see it as a digital stream and innovate accordingly,” said Geoff Hollingworth, head of Business Innovation at Ericsson America.

    “Recording, transcribing, contextualising, translating on any connected device, using people’s existing phone number – all are just the beginnings of possibility.”