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    Ericsson boosts Preemptive Services with big data


    Ericsson has brought big data analytics to its Preemptive Services product, which said would help operators anticipate and avoid potential network problems.

    The vendor said operators can now pool network and external data to gain further insights into how its network operates, as well as identify what is behind imminent network outages. It said: “This new capability enables operators to take corrective actions ahead of time to avoid impact to subscribers, helping operators transform network operations from reactive to proactive.”

    Staffan Pehrson, Vice President of Network Rollout, Support & Optimisation at Ericsson, added: “Our Preemptive Services offering has over the years, helped operators improve their network quality and operational efficiency.

    “Now, by combining the power of big data analytics with our global network experience, we can provide even more insights on imminent network events that are not obvious to manual analysis and avoid business-impacting issues.”

    Ericsson’s rival Nokia Networks has its own software to help operators determine if their network is about to go down.

    Its Predictive Operations platform was launched at last year’s Mobile World Congress. It takes information from sources including weather forecasts and social media to predict how a network will perform.

    As well as turning to big data to improve network performance, Ericsson has been heavily pushing LTE-Advanced recently. Last month, it enabled speeds of 250MBps for Chile’s Entel, a first for Latin America, and also showed off three carrier aggregation in a trial with China Mobile.