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    Ericsson debuts OSS planning solution to speed up network roll-out


    Ericsson has launched a Plan to Provision for Mobile solution to help operators speed up the roll-out of new services on their 2G, 3G and LTE networks.

    The new solution, which is designed for operators’ OSS, will ensure that their networks can handle the future growth by simplifying and automating the assignment of new network capacity and the rearrangement of network facilities.

    “Many aspects of provisioning for mobile networks can be automated today, but care must be taken not to sacrifice design and performance,” said Elisabetta Romano, Ericsson’s Head of OSS.

    “Plan to Provision for Mobile helps operators strike a sensible balance between automation and manual activities – reducing errors and costs, while deploying staff to do what they do best.

    “It also eliminates manual, error-prone inventory assignment, and consistently coordinates all network and service activation.”

    The new solution “harmonises” the design and configuration of cell sites, radio parameters and backhaul transmission.

    According to Ericsson, it reduces the time it takes to go from RF planning to equipment activation for any mobile network.

    Last week, the Sweden-based vendor unveiled a host of other new solutions ahead of Mobile World Congress.