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    Ericsson goes Europe-wide with 5G project


    Ericsson has broadened its 5G research program into a pan-European project, bringing together seven organisations across 10 countries.

    5G for Europe builds upon its 5G for Sweden project, which it announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

    The vendor said the new project will conduct research, innovation and industrial pilots that will use forthcoming 5G networks.

    It will bring together small companies with larger corporates and academic institutions to help integrate ICT into the industrial process. Areas of focus will include transport, IoT, utilities, public safety, public infrastructure and retail.

    Ericsson has already been working with some of the partners, such as King’s College, London, on 5G research.

    Existing work with Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna involves the Italian university building network components and optical transport technology for 5G.

    Ulf Ewaldsson, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Ericsson, said: “5G is the next step in the evolution of mobile communication and will be a fundamental enabler of the Networked Society. However, Ericsson needs to work together with industries to understand their specific network requirements in order to realise the full benefits of 5G technologies.

    “By expanding our 5G program to include major partners across Europe, we will gain valuable insights that will enable industries to digitalise effectively, to create new value and to strengthen the competitive position of European industry.”

    Earlier this week saw the official launch of the 5G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey, although Ericsson is not involved.