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    Ericsson promises to cut network build times by half


    Ericsson has launched a new solution to accelerate network building for operators’ LTE, 5G and IoT projects.

    The new solution, Accelerated Network Build, proposes a two-phased deployment approach, which includes an offsite preparation phase and a single execution phase.

    It runs on Ericsson’s new cloud-based Network Deployment Delivery Platform, released in September.

    Remote cloud-based control of site functions, and streamlined processes, will allow operators to cut build times by 50 percent, it claimed.

    The product enables operators to reduce site visits by 70 percent and improve build quality to the point 99 percent of work achieves “first-time right delivery”, it said.

    Fredrik Jejdling, Head of Business Unit Network Services at Ericsson, said: “Results from the pilots show that Accelerated Network Build makes a difference to our customers.

    “By combining technology innovation, cloud-based tools with streamlined processes, our solution will revolutionize how networks are built and set a new standard in the industry.”

    Ericsson said 5G subscription uptake will be faster than previous generations of cellular technology, with over 500,000 5G subscriptions expected by the end of 2022. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are also set to skyrocket, passing mobile phones as the largest category of connected devices as early as 2018, it said.

    It added: “This provides operators with the need to build the networks of the future quicker than ever before, with minimal impact to the business operations during build. Current solutions and traditional methods of network build have multiple handovers between activities and parties resulting in lengthy deployments.”