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    Ericsson pushes consistency in new 5G technology


    Ericsson is planning to showcase new technology related to the quality of future 5G networks at next week’s Mobile Congress.

    Following tests last summer when Ericsson demonstrated speeds of 5GBps, the vendor said it is planning to demonstrate how mobile devices interact with the radio access networks.

    The first type of technology, 5G multipoint connectivity, will involve a mobile device connecting to two 5G base stations at the same time, which Ericsson said will improve bit rate performance across downlink streams, signal strength and resilience. The vendor said the tech would be vital in supporting het-nets.

    The second technology, 5G-LTE dual connectivity, ensures the seamless handover of a device between LTE and 5G coverage. The technology establishes connections to both networks at the same time, which Ericsson said would be important to help 5G networks provide multi-standard and multi-band support across devices and radio.

    The announcement follows the news earlier this month that Ericsson launched a new 5G research project, teaming up with a Chinese academy to explore radio access technology, core network architecture and applications.

    Ken Rehbehn, Principal Analyst at 451 Research, said: “With plans for high data rates, low latency and extraordinary device scale, 5G is a critical next step in mobile radio technology. Having the opportunity to visit Ericsson and see the company’s 5G efforts coming to fruition boosts confidence that industry players are tackling this important challenge with energy and imagination.”

    Arun Bansal, Senior Vice President, Head of Business Unit Radio, Ericsson, added: “The Ericsson 5G radio test bed is where innovation meets implementation. It certainly is a reflection of our commitment to 5G technology leadership but it’s also where we test and expand the limits of how mobility will transform society.” 

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