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    Nokia Networks’ MIMO tech hits speeds of 600MBps in SK test


    Nokia Networks’ 4×4 MIMO technology has been used to achieve data transmission speeds of 600MBps on SK Telecom’s network.

    The tech effectively doubles download speeds by using four transmit and four receive antennas to handle data between a mobile device and Nokia’s base station platform.

    By using this technology, which doubles the usual two transmit and two receive antenna used on current LTE networks, operators can achieve download speeds of 150MBps on just 10MHz of spectrum.

    The test hit speeds of 600MBps by running carrier aggregation on two blocks of contiguous 20MHz spectrum and using the MIMO technology.

    Commercialised devices with 4×4 MIMO and carrier aggregation functionality have yet to hit the market. Aeroflex built the test device for the demonstration.

    Park Jin-hyo, Senior Vice President and Head of Network Technology R&D Centre at SK Telecom, said: “This successful demonstration of 4X4 MIMO technology not only strengthens our competitiveness in LTE-A, but also marks another important milestone in our journey towards achieving the next-generation network.”

    Yesterday, SK Telecom announced it was partnering with Samsung to demonstrate “Full Dimension MIMO” technology, which uses hundreds of antennas compared to the typical eight.

    Tero Kola, Head of LTE Product Management, Nokia Networks, said: “Together , we continue to break ground and pave the way for 600 Mbps LTE-Advanced services.”

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