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    Ericsson to lead new 5G standardisation projects


    Ericsson will lead new 5G projects from the EU’s 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP) aiming to advance system architecture and standardisation for next-generation networks.

    The vendor will act as the key coordinator for the EU’s METIS-II project, which aims to establish a spectrum roadmap for 5G and an overall radio system design for the technology.

    METIS-II aims to advance the work by METIS-I on 5G system architecture as well as coordinate the radio research sub-projects mmMAGIC, FANTASTIC-5G and 5G NORMA, issued by the 5G-PPP to support the development of 5G.

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    The consortium consists of several key industry players, including Alcatel-Lucent, Deutsche Telekom, Huawei, NTT DOCOMO, Telecom Italia, Orange and Nokia. The €8 million initiative is co-funded by the EU’s Horizons 2020 research program.

    Ericsson claimed METIS-II would provide a collaborative framework within the 5G-PPP that will allow for a “common evaluation” of 5G radio access network concepts and spectrum guidelines.

    Further, the vendor will provide technical coordination for the 5G-PPP’s mmMAGIC project, which aims to develop a new interface for 5G for deployment in the 6-100GHZ range.

    Both projects are key to preparing a “pre-standardisation consensus” in the mobile industry and for preparing proposals for standardisation and regulatory bodies, Ericsson claimed.

    Valter D’Avino, Head of Ericsson Western and Central Europe, said: “Making 5G a global standard is critical for the large scale digitalisation of industries, the Internet of Things and broadband connectivity everywhere. 

    “Continuing our leadership of METIS in METIS II we will drive innovation and pre-standards requirements as part of our strong European research activities in 5G.”