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    Ericsson to research whether 5G can be a SUCCESS in utilities


    Ericsson will explore what role 5G can play in the utilities sector after being chosen by the European Commission for two research projects.

    The first project, SUCCESS, will explore how 5G technologies can ensure energy networks and grids can remain secure. It will concentrate on smart metering and the project will comprise 16 partners across industry, academia and utilities.

    RE-SERVE will focus on developing new techniques and solutions through 5G to help utilities maintain a stable power supply, while increasing the proportion of energy used from renewable sources.

    The projects are located in Ireland, Italy and Romania.

    Charlotta Sund, Head of Customer Group Industry & Society, Ericsson, said: “With the ongoing transformation of all industries being enabled by 5G, the Internet of Things and cloud technologies, Ericsson is committed to engaging with leading industry partners in researching and innovating for the world in which everything that can benefit from a connection will be connected.

    “We are delighted to be working with leading utilities and research institutes in exploring and solving the challenges associated with such key issues as cyber security and managing the utilisation of maximal renewables while maintaining grid stability and security of supply.”

    Irish energy company Electrical Supply Board Networks will work across both projects and is planning to hold trials in its home market. Marguerite Sayers, Managing Director, ESB Networks, said: “Smart energy networks are key to successfully integrating high levels of distributed renewable energy, electric heating and electric transport, and thereby help to deliver a decarbonized future. Advances in smart networks can only be made through pioneering thought leadership and the adoption of next generation technologies.”