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    ETSI holds remote Hackfest


    ETSI’s open source Management and Orchestration (OSM) group held its Hackfest remotely after the gathering planned for March 9-12 in Madrid was cancelled due to the coronavirus.

    “What originally seemed a huge challenge, due to the hands-on approach and the high level of interaction required in a Hackfest, proved possible in a record time thanks to the outstanding engagement of the OSM community,” a statement from the standards body said.

    ETSI said the remote access made the Hackfest one of the best attended ever, with over 100 participants. The four-day hack was run in parallel with the OSM Mid-Release EIGHT meeting and the OSM Ecosystem Day, also held remotely.

    Shared lab

    The online event included 20 hours of presentations, hands-on sessions and demos. A shared lab environment was provided by ETSI, through its Hub for Validation and Interoperability (HIVE).

    Topics covered included the support of cloud-native network functions, the OSM architecture, the installation of OSM in Kubernetes, system monitoring, network services instantiation, high performance and autoscaling, automation of virtualised network functions (VNFs), and the end-to-end onboarding in OSM of a cloud-native Evolved Packet Core (EPC).

    “We are amazed by the traction and outcome of our first remote Hackfest and mid-Release meeting,” said José Miguel Guzmán, the OSM Technical Steering Committee Chair. “The high participation and the amount of interaction and collaboration seen during the technical discussions (despite the remote conditions) are a clear sign of the robustness of the project and the commitment of the community towards delivering Release EIGHT and bringing OSM to production.”

    Recordings of the sessions are available.