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    Facebook Platform driving “rapid increase” in mobile apps visits


    Facebook, whose February IPO filing generated great interest in the mobile community with the admission that it monetises very little from mobile, said on Friday that its mobile Facebook Platform currently sends more than 60 million visitors every month to apps and games, with those mobile visitors responsible for more than 320 million visits to mobile apps last month.

    A post on the site’s developer blog said of the mobile Platform, launched in October 2011, said

    We have seen a rapid increase in visits for many types of apps and games using our social distribution channels – News Feed, bookmarks, requests and so on – a growth that is evident across both native and web apps.

    BranchOut, for example, a social-professional networking web app, sees more than 350 thousand visitors from Facebook mobile every day. This traffic has already grown by a factor of twenty since the start of the year.

    And Diamond Dash, a native iOS game by Berlin based developer Wooga, sees more than 1.9 million monthly visitorsto their mobile app from Facebook. Daily traffic sent from Facebook mobile grew by a factor of three since they integrated with Facebook Platform and implemented Single Sign On.

    The post continued: “Many of the developers benefiting most from Facebook Platform are those building mobile Open Graph apps.” For more, read here.

    Just last week, Facebook said it would work with Bango on mobile payments, with the aim of enabling mobile users to purchase apps, Facebook Credits, and other related items, directly via its mobile app or via its mobile website with the costs charged directly to a user’s mobile phone bill.