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    First commercial Hotspot 2.0, Release 2 products now available


    Ruckus Wireless has unveiled the first of its products to be certified as compatible with HotSpot 2.0, Release 2.

    The manufacturer’s ZoneFlex 7372, ZoneFlex T300, ZoneFlex R700, Ruckus SmartCell Gateway (SCG) 200 have all been given Hotspot 2.0, Release 2 Passpoint certification by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

    The release brings a higher level of security for public access points as well as stronger authentication mechanisms. This includes protection against eavesdropping as well as WPA2 airlink traffic encryption.

    Release 2 also introduces a standardised sign-up mechanism for Wi-Fi operators, which allows users to register for login credentials online and have them automatically downloaded to their device.

    Ruckus said while there are proprietary methods for loading credentials onto Wi-Fi enabled devices, these come at “additional cost and complexity” to operators.

    The company said its Hotspot 2.0, Release 2 products now feature a single integrated software solution, WLAN controller as well as an online signup and provisioning server.

    It claimed its new sign up solution allowed employees of companies with “bring your own device” policies to sign into Wi-Fi hotspots securely using social media login credentials, thanks to “enterprise-class” authentication methods using LDAP, Active Director and AAA servers. 

    Dan Rabinovitsj, Chief Operating Officer at Ruckus Wireless, said: “Hotspot 2.0 effectively democratises public WiFi access on a global scale, fundamentally changing how WiFi services will be used and offered going forward. Leading this new revolution in WiFi services is something to which Ruckus remains strongly committed.”

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