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    Nuage launches new SDN solution for open networks


    Nuage Networks has launched a new SDN solution, enabling enterprises to link virtual network overlays with the hardware that underpins them.

    The Alcatel-Lucent venture said its new Virtualised Services Assurance Platform (VSAP) responds to demands for visibility between applications and workloads on the virtual network and the physical connectivity from a data centre network architecture.

    Nuage said that SDN deployments to date had to trade on openness in order to achieve full network visibility. It said gaps in visibility had led to issues in spotting faults and dealing with them.

    The new platform allows businesses to easily identify and isolate issues, by using open protocols. The VSAP is not tied to specific hardware, which means operators can use any equipment that supports standard protocols such as OSPF, BGP, ISIS and SNMP.

    Technology analyst Ben Kepes said: “Enterprises building and expanding their clouds are increasingly calling for better visibility and correlation between network overlays and the physical systems that underlay them.  Without this tight coupling between overlay and underlay, the ultimate benefits that SDN can bring won’t be attainable.”

    Sunil Khandekar, CEO of Nuage Networks, added: “During the last two years Nuage Networks has been systematically working to remove any networking constraints limiting enterprises from fully embracing the power of SDN technology.”

    He added: “We are providing a new clear view of the networking operations that will allow high-performance customers to react and respond in a virtualized environment the same way they would in traditional architecture.”

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