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    Gemalto launches new LTE Category 1 module for low data IoT networks


    Gemalto has launched an LTE Category 1 module aimed at powering smart meters and tracking applications.

    The Cinterion solution allows operators to provide low data speed solutions to customers. The module falls back onto 2G in the Middle East and Africa and to 3G in North America.

    The solution has a small form factor thanks to the Java virtual machine that adds embedded processing to the module. This cloud-based processor removes the need to an extra processor and memory, which Gemalto said reduces the cost, complexity and size of the device.

    Axel Hansmann, Vice President Portfolio & Strategy M2M at Gemalto, said: “Available in different variants, the new M2M module extends our fast growing portfolio of next generation LTE products for global use. Sharing a common footprint with the other Cinterion industrial products, this advanced capability module enables easy migration for our existing customers who benefit from the rapidly evolving wireless networks from a single design, and provides our new customers with a simple and cost effective path to the future.”

    Last month, Qualcomm announced its Category 1 chip, which it is hoping will power smart meters, security systems, asset tracking and wearables.

    The MDM9201-1 solution can last for 10 years with just two AA batteries.

    Category 1 LTE is the lowest data use case within the Internet of Things that uses cellular connectivity.

    Operators and vendors are currently working out the specifications of Release 13, which will lock down the definition of NB-IoT. This type of LTE will be used to run low power, wide area networks like smart cities.