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    GMA and Bridge Alliance team up to deliver global M2M platform for enterprises


    The GSMA’s Remote SIM Provisioning specification has had its reach broadened after two operator alliances agreed to undertake the joint provision of a Multi-Domestic Service connectivity platform for the Internet of Things.

    The partnership between the Bridge Alliance and Global M2M Association (GMA), which cover 77 markets between them, will involve members promoting the platform.

    The Multi-Domestic Service, which was launched by the GMA last year, uses an eUICC SIM. Enterprises can use it to deliver high bandwidth applications and new business models. The platform is the first time two alliances have combined to provide remote provisioning based on GSMA specifications.

    The alliances said the platform would help multinationals overcome regulatory issues, fragmented deployment and testing obstacles to deliver M2M solutions worldwide. In particular, they said it would simplify M2M deployments with the retail, health, electronics, transport and energy sectors.

    Emmanuel Routier, Vice President M2M at Orange and Steering Committee Member of the Global M2M Association, said: “We are extremely pleased to partner with Bridge Alliance. It is our vision to jointly serve global customers by providing the Multi-Domestic Service we introduced last year.

    “The Multi-Domestic Service is an innovative M2M connectivity management service which helps our customers to drastically simplify the global deployment, management and operations of their connected products. The compliance of the solution with GSMA-specification allows us to provide a scalable, reliable and secure M2M connectivity solution to our customers.”

    Eileen Tan, CEO of Bridge Alliance, said: “Members of Bridge Alliance and GMA are incumbent leaders in their home markets with the best local networks and leading positions in M2M and IoT. This partnership gives our joint global customers a strategic advantage by taking out complexity and reducing time-to-market. It marks a new milestone for us and we are truly pleased.”