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    Google brings in stricter guidelines to Play app store


    Google has begun preapproving apps on and introduced a new age rating system for its Play store.

    The company behind Android said it wanted to identify anything that “violates…developer policies” earlier in the process of introducing an app to its store.

    In a blog post, Eunice Kim, Product Manager for Google Play, said developers would discern no “noticeable” change to the app submission process. She said: “We value the rapid innovation and iteration that is unique to Google Play, and will continue to help developers get their products to market within a matter of hours after submission, rather than days or weeks.”

    Following the change, developers will be given greater feedback as to why an app has been accepted or rejected. Developers can also resubmit apps if they are guilt of minor policy violations.

    Other changes to the Google Play store include a new age rating requirement. Developers now have to complete a content rating questionnaire before their app goes live on the store. Google will make its judgements according to regional ratings agencies, including Pan-European Game Information.

    Kim said the ratings process is automated and apps without a completed questionnaire might be blocked in certain markets.

    She said: “Over the past year, we’ve paid more than $7 billion to developers and are excited to see the ecosystem grow and innovate. We’ll continue to build tools and services that foster this growth and help the developer community build successful businesses.”

    Last week, Google rolled out an update to its Android operating system, offering smartphone and tablet users the opportunity to make HD calls and use multiple SIMs on one device.

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