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    Google Cloud and Telefónica Tech chosen by GÉANT for open cloud project


    The two will modernize Spain’s research and education infrastructure, including support for new teaching modes in schools.

    Google Cloud and Telefónica Tech are to work on the European Open Clouds for Research Environments (OCRE) in Spain, under the remit of GÉANT, the pan-European data network for the research and education community.


    OCRE was founded in Feburary 2019 with a funding pot of €9.5 million to acclerate the adoption of cloud in Europe’s research and educational community.

    OCRE brings together the main vendor and service providers, the research and educational community, as well as other organisations dedicated to observing the Earth.

    This agreement will modernise the research and education community’s systems infrastructure, migrating computer systems to cloud environments.

    Schools will be taught to use technological tools and solutions to improve teaching, expanding these benefits to students.

    Hybrid teaching

    Online learning spaces will be adapted to the real needs of teachers and students; and the science of big data and AI will be put at the service of educators, researchers and students, making the most of the resources in the cloud.

    To achieve this ambitious goal, Google Cloud and Telefónica Tech will develop and provide these entities with professional services and sector solutions, in addition to offering customized user cases for Spain; and they will also provide advice throughout the process and training in Spanish.

    To do this, it has enabled the website:

    Fast and controlled

    Miguel Ángel Pérez Arjona, commercial director of Telefónica Tech, said, “Our goal is to drive universities towards digitization in a fast and controlled way, which allows them to adapt to the new needs of the hybrid model (face-to-face and online) that is rapidly being imposed in the education sector.

    “And the collaboration with Google is a plus to achieve this, since we approach this project from three perspectives: that of training and advice; that of technology, providing the necessary tools and helping them to integrate them into their systems; and that of support, providing help in Spanish at all levels, something that had not been done until now”.