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    Proximus’ 5G platform onboards first enterprise customer


    Belgium’s biggest operator says the platform provides a co-creation environment for enterprises.

    Today Proximus has launched what it calls a 5G innovation platform to provide enterprise customers with a dedicated co-creation environment where they can explore 5G opportunities specific to their business.

    The operator says companies can test and validate their 5G use cases “at a limited investment cost”. As first concrete project, Proximus has partnered Mr. Watts and construction company B&R Bouwgroep-Hooyberghs to develop 3D visualization for projects in construction.

    Visualising construction

    Mr. Watts is a Belgian company that is developing a digital application to visualize room lay-out, floor plans, 3D models and digital twins to experience designs of a building at scale and in context.

    It uses HoloLens technology to ensure the integration of the 3D models in a real-life environment. Mr. Watts’ visualisations are said to provide a wealth of information for builders, allowing them to make informed decisions at any moment during the building process.

    5G provides the high bandwidth, low latency, secure and stable connection necessary to visualise the outcome of a project on site as well as remotely.

    Anne-Sophie Lotgering (pictured), Chief Market Enterprise Officer at Proximus, said, “Our collaboration with Mr. Watts and B&R Bouwgroep-Hooyberghs is a perfect illustration of how this open environment can accelerate the deployment of innovative 5G use cases in an agile, pragmatic and cost-efficient way.

    “It gives construction companies the possibility to visualize all details of a project upfront, identify potential issues and dynamically adapt the plans along the building process.”

    Fostering innovation

    Once companies are onboarded on the platform, they can connect to it from any location with 5G coverage, through an independent 5G set-up in one of Proximus’ data centres.

    Customers in 5G coverage areas will be able to perform tests on their own site. For those without 5G coverage yet, Proximus has a test location in its headquarters that customers can use for tests.

    Based on the outcome of the testing process, Proximus can guide them to a 5G solution that fits their needs or help them to assess the long-term potential of investing in their own private network.