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    Huawei bolsters carrier offering with network planning solution


    Huawei introduced new network planning services for carriers at its 2017 Global Analyst Summit.

    The Chinese vendor launched Network Value+, which provides schemes for network planning, construction and evolution for carrier customers aiming to extend their services.

    Targeting multi-layer networks, the vendor said the solution aims to help carriers efficiently allocate limited resources, optimise network investment efficiency and accelerate telcos’ strategic process.

    Huawei said in a project with China Mobile’s Wuxi Branch, coordinated planning of the carrier’s network managed to achieve 20 percent and 30 percent increases in resource efficiency and service provision efficiency respectively.

    A spokesperson said: “Previous planning and construction methods oriented to the single-layer network and single business dimension cannot prevent synergy problems of multi-layer networks.

    “Consequently, network resources cannot be shared and the investment cost is increased. With market competition intensifying and new business springing up, carriers’ networks are under great pressure. Carriers need to rapidly develop users and accurately operate businesses to shorten the ROI cycle.”

    Huawei Services, the vendor’s carrier business, achieved revenues of $13.32 billion in 2016.

    Meanwhile, Huawei also announced a customer win with 3 Hong Kong. The operator will use Huawei’s technology to boost network capacity and coverage to meet customer data demand as 5G approaches.