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    Huawei shows off new quick charge battery tech


    Huawei has unveiled new quick charge technology, which can reach 50 percent capacity in minutes.

    The vendor held two demonstrations at the 56th Battery Symposium in Japan, claiming the tech offers a charging speed that is 10 times faster that of conventional batteries.

    The company said it bonded heteroatoms to a molecule of graphite in anode, which it said served as a catalyst for the capture and movement of lithium through carbon bonds.

    By using heteroatoms, Huawei said it could speed up the time it takes to charge batteries, without reducing its life or affecting the power it provides to a device.

    The first demo charged a 600mAh battery to 68 percent in two minutes. The second test involved a battery with 3,000mAh capacity and an energy density of more than 620Wh/l. It was charged to 48 percent in five minutes.

    Huawei added the batteries had gone through multiple testing rounds and had been certified by its terminal test department.

    In a statement, the vendor said: “Huawei is confident that this breakthrough in quick charging batteries will lead to a new revolution in electronic devices, especially with regard to mobile phones, electric vehicles, wearable devices, and mobile power supplies.”

    Qualcomm has also explored battery charging technology, with its Snapdragon 820 chipset containing an algorithm that speeds up power replenishment.