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    IBM to help customers identify processes that benefit most from AI-powered automation


    Big Blue is to acquire a myInvenio, an Italian process-mining software company.

    IBM says that that applying myInvenio provides customers with a AI-powered automation portfolio for business automation, having established which processes will have the greatest impact.
    The portfolio includes robotic process automation (RPA), document processing, workflow and decisions – all built on Red Hat’s OpenShift open source software. IBM owns Red Hat.

    Which processes?

    myInvenio is based in Reggio Emilia, Italy (pictured), and IBM says the data-driven software should help customers identify the most impactful business processes to automate using AI – including sales, procurement, production and accounting.

    IBM claims the acquisition “further advances IBM’s hybrid cloud and AI strategy” to provide engterprises with a one-stop shop of AI-powered automation capabilities for business automation.

    Last summer IBM acquired a Brazilian software provider of RPA, WDG Soluções Em Sistemas E Automação De Processos LTDA, referred to as WDG Automation.
    IBM’s acquisition of myInvenio builds on its OEM agreement with the company. Massimiliano Delsante, CEO, myInvenio, commented that through the acquisition, “We are revolutionising the way companies manage their process operations.

    “myInvenio’s unique capability to automatically analyse processes and create simulations – what we call a ‘Digital Twin of an Organization’ – is joining…IBM’s AI-powered automation capabilities to better manage process execution.”

    Automation portfolio

    No financial details were disclosed, and it is expected that the deal will complete at the end of this quarter.

    Upon close of the acquisition, IBM plans to integrate myInvenio’s capabilities into its Automation portfolio, including IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, IBM’s hybrid cloud software for using AI on business processes and boost productivity.