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    “Femtocells: 2010 and beyond” – a Mobile Europe Insight

    Specially commissioned by Mobile Europe from Peter Jarich, Research Director of Current Analysis, this report outlines the current femtocell market, assesses vendor capabilities, looks at operator launch strategies to date, and asks what the principle issues are that the industry needs to address going into 2011.

    It’s a key resource if you want to understand what the component pieces of the femtocell ecosystem are, how they fit together and what challenges remain for operators to solve.

    The report also carries thought leadership pieces from leading players in the space – from Cisco, Huawei and NEC. What do these leading vendors and integrators see as their customers’ main concerns in deploying femtocells, and what are they doing to meet those needs?

    You’ll find the answers to these questions, and more, inside. Please do note that, as ever, this digital report contains a full range of sharing options, so that you can share select pages, articles or even the full report with your partners and contacts.

    We hope you enjoy this Insight report, please do let us know if you have any feedback, subjects you would like to see covered in future reports, or features you would like to see.

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