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    Intel launches Project Virtuoso to boost 4G, 5G tech


    Intel is working with wireless equipment tester Anite to develop new virtualised lab environments for trialling 4G and 5G technology in a project codenamed Virtuoso.

    Anite is providing its Virtual Drive Testing (VDT) solution, which is based on the Propsim channel emulator, and uses performance testing tools to help manufacturers and operators reduce the time it takes to develop and launch new mobile products. 

    By using field test data in a lab, Anite said it would be able to quickly and repeatedly benchmark devices and base stations. It added the testing process would also help simplify the debugging of errors found in the field.

    Project Virtuoso will run for four years and is subsidised by the Danish High Technology Foundation. Telenor is also understood to be part of the project.

    Thomas P. Horvath, Division Vice President of Modem Development at Intel Mobile Communications, commented: “Anite has a deep understanding of the radio channel environment and how it can be realistically simulated in the laboratory. We have been working with Anite for many years to develop cost-efficient testing methods and this new project will enable us to accelerate our verification processes, reducing time-to-market for our modem products.”

    Anite has already been working on the METIS project, which is laying foundations for forthcoming 5G technology, by leading the radio channel modelling task group.

    Vendors, operators and politicians have called for greater cooperation to develop standards and technology ahead of 5G hitting the market early next decade. Each part of the industry said collaboration is key if Europe is to wrestle back its reputation for mobile innovation that it arguably lost to Asia and North America with the development of 4G.