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    Lumata launches real-time predictive analytics upgrade


    Lumata has unveiled an upgrade to its Expression customer base management (CBM) platform for mobile operators, which provides real-time predictive analytic capabilities.

    The UK-based vendor said the new Campaign Recommendation Engine (CRE) enables an operator to optimise loyalty marketing by recommending, even at an individual level, which marketing activity is most likely to engage the customer, to maximise value at each stage of the lifecycle and decrease churn.

    In the past developing an intelligent loyalty marketing campaign strategy has relied heavily on the personal experience of the customer base loyalty manager and required a customer analytics team, according to Lumata.

    However, the CRE uses a configurable, self-learning algorithm that provides any marketer with the ability to instantly access, analyse, test and act on a whole range of data from subscriber usage and previous marketing campaigns.

    For example, marketers can discover in real-time which campaign will be the most relevant to send to a specific subscriber (e.g. free calls versus free text messages offer) in order to achieve the best results against pre-defined objectives.

    “The CRE‘s tightly integrated combination of predictive analytics and real-time campaign management capabilities enables operators to target the right customer with the right action at the right time,” commented Christophe Masson, Head of Telecom Products at Lumata.