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    Maltese government agency signs up as T-Systems’ first blockchain partner


    Malta Enterprise, the government’s agency focused on attracting inward investment and supporting enterprise, has signed up as the first partner for T-Systems’ blockchain-as-a-service marketplace

    Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary, T-Systems, announced recently that from 2020, it will offer its new German Blockchain Ecosystem (GBE) product to business customers.

    The tool will allow enterprises and SMEs to map a product’s entire value chain, from raw materials to delivery, using blockchain. The marketplace provides secure, compliant and rapidly deployable blockchain services, including all necessary tools for development, testing and operation of blockchain networks. 

    T-Systems and Malta Enterprise have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to make the GBE quickly and easily available to Maltese registered companies working on blockchain projects. 

    The planned collaboration includes:

    •    Provision of an enterprise blockchain platform as part of the planned Malta Innovation Hub, which will support the Ethereum, Hyperledger and Corda DLT platforms

    •    Provision of a validator service, allowing Maltese companies to test their blockchain projects

    •    Support for the comprehensive solution audits recently announced by the Malta Digital Innovation Authority

    •    Access to T-Systems’ security solutions

    •    Joint marketing and training activities, including seminars in key European cities to help companies wishing to launch blockchain projects.

    Competitive advantage

    Malta is recognised as a blockchain leader.  It is the first EU country to provide a formal legal framework for distributed ledger technology solutions.

    Kurt Farugia, CEO of Malta Enterprise, said, “This collaboration with T-Systems will give a further competitive advantage over other jurisdictions while adding more value to the already established blockchain ecosystem.

    “Companies using T-System’s GBE services will have a certification for their project by the Malta Digital Innovation Authority. The relationship with T-Systems will continue to build Malta’s reputation as a solid Blockchain jurisdiction.”

    “We are delighted to offer this unique platform to Blockchain developers,” added Katharyn White, Chief Marketing Officer, T-Systems.

    “It will increase the success of blockchain projects and accelerate the impact of blockchain solutions on the market.”