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    Mavenir announces commercial deployment of RCS-e in NFV environment


    Mavenir has announced the commercial deployment of virtualised Rich Communication Services (RCS-e) in a multi-tenant Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) environment.

    The US-based vendor said Tier-1 operators in Europe are currently deploying NFV technology as part of their VoLTE and RCS rollouts, without naming names.

    Specifically, it claims operators are leveraging NFV technologies to build and manage their next generation networks in a more efficient and cost effective manner that will also enable increased network flexibility.

    For example, virtualisation provides the capacity elasticity and operational flexibility to allow traffic pattern shifts from legacy messaging to IP messaging services.   

    Mavenir launched its virtualised IMS portfolio for 4G core networks, including VoLTE and RCS, in February.

    As Mobile Europe reported in its SDN Insight Report earlier this year, operators set up an Industry Specification Group for NFV under the auspices of standards body ETSI in January amid claims that NFV is “ready for prime time”.

    “We are seeing increased pressure on mobile operators to reduce the cost and complexity of network service deployment creating a market for disruptive transformation with more efficient NFV based networks,” said Pardeep Kohli, President and CEO at Mavenir Systems. 

    “Many of our customers are already seeing the agility and the benefits of virtualised IMS in their live networks, not just in lab trials.” 

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