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    Mi-Pay launches Mi-View Business Insight


    Mobile payments company, Mi-Pay, is launching a new data management suite called Mi-View Business Insight to support its international and domestic airtime topup and money transfer platform.  Mi-Pay is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant ensuring that clients remain at the forefront of eCommerce security whilst unlocking value in their digital data assets. 

    Facilitating top-up and payment services for companies such as Tesco, Du, TalkMobile and Zain; Mi-Pay is committed to helping its clients boost ARPU, drive new revenue, improve margins and reduce fraud.  By providing MVNOs, mobile operators and financial service clients with near real-time data mining and report functions, Mi-View Business Insight offers detailed intelligence on customer transaction trends as they happen.

    According to Norman Frankel, CEO of Mi-Pay, “With Mi-View, our clients can take advantage of this additional service to drill down into their transaction data to get a solid feel for their business and what’s affecting it; enabling them to spot opportunities and threats; monitor the success of promotions and marketing campaigns; and change their strategy accordingly. Providing near real time analytics on transactional activity, Mi-Pay can not only help them deliver more convenient, flexible and secure payments but also help them make better informed decisions – which impacts on their competitiveness and success.  Mi-View Business Insight is also supported by a team of data analysts and eCommerce marketing expertise to assist client marketing and product management teams unlock the value of their data.”

    The Service provides a wide range of reports and analysis covering all aspects of operation including usage patterns takeup. Detailed analysis of trends helps define future action and supports business strategies and also allows potential problems to be spotted early and remedial action taken. 

    Mi-View Business Insight is available at a range of different service levels to suit clients’ specific needs and data requirements, from simple statistical reporting up to comprehensive graphical data analysis.