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    Israel Postal Company goes mobile with Effortel


    Effortel, a mobile virtual network operator and enabler, has announced that it has been selected by the Israel Postal Company (Israel Post) as the lead consultant in its plans to launch mobile services via its network of more than 700 retail outlets. Effortel is tasked with defining the market proposition, business planning and modelling and identifying a suitable technology platform and operations partner. The project completion will see Israel Post create one of the country’s first mobile virtual network operators (MVNO).

    Israel Post’s move into the mobile arena follows the Israeli Government’s decision in 2010 to issue MVNO licences to stimulate competition and innovation in the mobile sector. As the one of the largest existing distributors of prepaid mobile top-ups via a comprehensive retail network, and with established relationships with customers through its postal and banking services, Israel Post is well positioned to capitalise on the opportunity.

    Commenting on the appointment, Arkadi Panitch, Founder and CEO of Effortel said,
    “Delivering mobile services directly provides Israel Post with a significant revenue generating and brand building opportunity but it’s a complex arena. Effortel’s experience in establishing MVNOs for its own joint ventures, and for third parties across the world, will ensure Israel Post is presented with the right solutions.

    Forward thinking retail brands around the world are now recognising the value of owning the mobile relationship. The revenue generating potential is obvious, but just as valuable is the opportunity to cement and build lasting relationships via a service that, by definition, is always with the customer.

    Effortel will also be working closely with BDO Ziv Halft, the Israeli arm of the global consulting practice, which will be delivering local market intelligence and data. With that information to hand, Effortel will assist Israel Post with business modelling, operational setup, marketing and communications and the selection of a technology solution.

    Effortel’s CMO, Liudvikas Andruilis, continued, “To date Effortel has been responsible for the launch of seven MVNOs in six countries. Three of those we own and operate, from a centralized enabling platform in Belgium, in partnership with Carrefour, one of the world’s largest retailers. We understand the technical complexities but we also understand how to get the most from the retail relationship.”