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    Middle East pact creates IntelligentRAN


    Etisalat UAE, du, STC, Zain and Huawei team effort

    A collaboration between Huawei and some of the Middle East’s top telcos have invented IntelligentRAN in the race to create self-starting networks, reports Khaleesh Times. The chinese state sponsored equipment maker plans to work with Etisalat UAE, the telco division of e& in the United Arab Emirates, du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), stc and Zain to speed up processes like identification, fault detection, prediction and prevention. AI can then help to give systems autonomy and intelligence through modelling databases.

    Do it Huawei

    According to Huawei, it is achieving this by putting AI into Huawei’s SingleRAN. An MIE (Mobile Intelligence Engine) is introduced in IntelligentRAN, which is divided into two functional nodes. In the Site layer, the MIE meets immediate requirements. In the Network layer, the MIE provides post data analysis, training on the data gathered and training of more precise models. The use of algorithmic reasoning will also be applied to networks and base stations, MIE coordinate data, models and decision making. Ultimately, Huawei and partners are creating a mobile network to think for itself and react within milliseconds, according to Marwan Bin Shaker, Etisalat UAE’s SVP of Access Network Development. “The IntelligentRAN brings intelligence in the wireless domain to intelligently predict events based on data correlation analysis, make intelligent decisions based on future prediction and to achieve network intelligence and optimum evolution to the future,” said Bin Shaker.

    Self starting networks

    The quality of AI will make all the difference as vendors negotiate the ‘trial and error’ ordeal of building systems for the Metaverse and Internet of Vehicles, according. Ahmed Al Shal, Acting Head of Technology Planning at du. “IntelligentRAN will expedite our 5G network through quick service provisioning and service assurance. Our partnership with Huawei will generate a higher level of network automation and optimal performance to ensure heightened customer excellence, provision and experience,” said Al Shal.
    “We will continue to explore on innovation of IntelligentRAN and we expect to cooperate more with operators and industry partners,” said Aaron Jiang, President of Huawei’s SingleRAN Product Line.