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    Mobile Europe launches virtualisation survey


    Mobile Europe has launched a survey into virtualisation, aiming to explore how firmly telcos have got to grips with the technology.

    Its rewards are seemingly great, offering operators reduced time to market, more streamlined network architecture and more dynamic networks. 

    Both network function virtualisation and software defined networking are seen as central planks in the evolution towards 5G. Operators are already researching the technology, holding proofs of concept and paving the way for commercial deployment.

    However, operators face considerable challenges, whether it’s getting the right skills in place, unpicking the complexity of legacy networks while maintaining customer experience, or having to prioritise other kinds of project.

    The survey will explore these issues, as well as look at which markets will drive the adoption of virtualisation technology.

    The results of the survey will be revealed at Mobile Europe’s virtualisation event, which will be held on 22 September at a central London location.

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