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    Monaco Telecom ‘ready for 5G in 2019’


    Monaco Telecom says it will be ready to offer 5G services across the principality in time for when devices go on sale next year.

    In a joint demonstration with hardware supplier Huawei that coincided with this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, the operator streamed 360-degree, HD video footage captured from said show using a 5G-connected drone.

    The showcase comes three weeks after Monaco Telecom signed a deal with the Chinese vendor in Beijing covering the construction of a nationwide 5G network.

    “5G is the bedrock of the future digital society and we are proud to work with the Monaco Telecom teams in their mastery of this new technology,” said Shi Weiliang, Managing Director of Huawei France and Monaco.

    Monaco Telecom said the first 5G antennas in Monaco’s Port Hercules, and it expects landmass coverage to reach 100% in the coming months. It is worth remembering of course that Monaco is the second-smallest country in the world based on geographic area, ranking above Vatican City.

    Monaco Telecom said its 5G network will deliver a 10-fold increase in data rate, a 10-fold decrease in latency, and will support 10 times as many devices connected to a single base station.

    The operator said connected cars, healthcare, smart cities, gaming and translation services are among the sectors that stand to be transformed by the next generation of mobile technology.