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    Orange Spain taps Red Hat for ‘X By Orange’ cloud B2B platform


    Orange Spain’s ‘X By Orange’ unit has tapped Red Hat to underpin its cloud-based business-to-business platform, as the telco shifts to virtualised communication services in a bid to become more agile.

    The agreement will see X By Orange deploy Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform in collaboration with Red Hat Consulting, as it builds out its greenfield, cloud-native infrastructure.

    Using Red Hat, Orange can adopt a DevOps strategy, creating, provisioning and managing services much more rapidly than it could in a traditional operating environment. X By Orange’s initial offerings will include unified communications, data privacy based on software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN), and legal music for retail stores.

    Going with Red Hat of course means going open source, and for X By Orange that means having the ability to work with cloud providers of its choosing – enabling it to scale its operations as needed – as well as offer a combination of in-house and third-party services to enterprise customers all with telco-grade stability.

    “Leaving behind the burden of legacy systems, we are committing fully to DevOps and agile and have a long-term vision for the success of X by Orange. We believe in the power of open source to accelerate innovation and with Red Hat’s technology stack, we can better tap into the rapid development in upstream communities while depending on enterprise-grade stability, support and enhanced security from Red Hat products,” said Jose Maria San Jose Juarez, Chief Technical and Information Officer, X by Orange. “We want to maintain a flexible foundation to collaborate with diverse players to provide the services our customers want and need, and we trust in Red Hat’s deep experience in enabling flexibility and integration across an extensive ecosystem of certified partners.”

    Ashesh Badani, Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Platforms, Red Hat, said: “X by Orange is pushing a new frontier in digital transformation as a communications service provider that doesn’t own a single piece of hardware. We are proud to help make this software-enabled innovation a reality.”