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    NEC launches first NFV solution for MVNOs


    NEC has launched the first NFV solution for MVNOs, allowing them to have greater control of its communication band and usage.
    The functions of the new virtualised Mobile Virtual Network Operator Solution (vMNVO-SL) are enabled using software that runs on a virtualised Intel Architecture server. NEC said the solution is cheaper to set up and run compared to more traditional methods of running an MVNO and it speeds up the time to market.
    Customers can start with a single-server structure and then trade up according to their business needs, which NEC said would reduce its capital expenditure. The product offers traditional features available to MVNOs, such as traffic restriction and collection of charging information.
    The virtual product also allows MVNOs to sign contracts using a Layer 2 data link, which costs less to set up a connection with a carrier’s mobile network. MVNOs are also able to accommodate 3G and 4G-LTE line interfaces and add new features by upgrading software.
    Tsutomua Ookurano, Senior Manager at NEC, said: “MVNO operators are often required to introduce gateway systems in order to establish connections with carriers through the layer 2 data link. This requires a large amount of time and money, which is further aggravated by facility investment and rapid increases in operational costs.
    “Furthermore, MVNOs face demands from customers for more flexible and scalable services, such as session management, IP address management, charging data collection and security control. This new solution meets these needs and enables MVNOs to provide their original services more easily.”