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    NEC to build smart city infrastructure in Lisbon


    NEC will provide infrastructure for a smart city project in Lisbon which will integrate a range of data sources to provide services across the city.

    The IT vendor’s artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies will be used to collect and analyse information around the Portuguese capital.

    NEC will also integrate 10 internal systems and 30 external systems in its Cloud City Operation Centre and build a Municipal Service Operation Centre.

    The project will allow the city to combine environmental, local government, IoT device and external data to provide services. Potential use-cases will include detecting illegally parked vehicles and suspicious objects.

    The project is set to start by the end of 2017.

    Jorge Máximo, Lisbon city councilman for Sports, Information Systems and Citizen’s Relationship, said: “In an effort to improve the urban environment as our city’s population increases and the number of tourists rises, Lisbon is striving to better the quality of life and strengthen security.”

    BT is taking part in a smart city project in Milton Keynes, where smart refuse collection, parking and pest control are being enabled through LoRa.

    Elisa recently joined Nokia in a project that aims to make the Finnish city of Tampere “smart” through the use of mobile and fixed technology. Among the areas of focus are smart lighting, remote care for the elderly through video and a real-time public transport information system.

    In January, Orange and Telefónica co-founded a new ETSI specification group aimed at developing open and interoperable smart cities.