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    New ARM media IP suite guns for high-performance mobile experience


    ARM has launched a roster of new media IPs for smartphones and tablets that promise to deliver better graphic performance at lower energy consumption. 

    The ARM Mali suite consists of three new GPUs aimed between entry-level and high-end mobile devices, as well as a video accelerator and display processor.

    The Mali-T820 GPU has been optimised for entry-level models and promises up to 40 percent improved performance compared to last year’s Mali-T622 GPU.

    Meanwhile, the Mali-T830 “strikes the perfect balance between performance and efficiency” according to ARM, delivering up to 55 percent better performance compared to last year’s model.

    The Mali-T860 is aimed at the highest end of the mobile spectrum, with ARM claiming higher performance as well as up to 45 percent more energy efficiency compared to the company’s high-performance Mali-T628 GPU.

    The GPUs all support the latest APIs from OpenGL, ES 3.1, DirectX 11, OpenCL and Renderscript, as well as AFBC and Smart Composition bandwidth compression support. 

    Also new is ARM’s Mali V550 video processor, which supports the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard and is able to scale to full HD on a single core and up to 4K resolution on eight cores.

    It is also the first video IP from the manufacturer with multi-standard codecs that can encode and decode on a single core, and supports multiple streams that enable it to encode and decode simultaneously.

    ARM has also included a Motion Search Elimination function which can reduce bandwidth by up to 35 percent.

    Meanwhile, ARM’s latest Mali-DP550 display processor supports up to seven layers of composition for image rendering and can be configured for a range of screen resolutions.

    ARM said its new media IP suit presented “a scalable solution to meet a wide range of performance and cost requirements.”

    Mark Dickinson, General Manager of ARM’s Media Processing Group, said: “As your mobile device is now your primary compute device, manufacturers have to regularly deliver better features and functionality while preserving battery life.

    “The ARM Mali media IP suite employs the right processor for the right task and utilises our latest energy-saving technologies across all the IP blocks. We are giving our SoC partners a set of media IP that simply works better together.”

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