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    New features for Passpoint as providers look to “Wi-Fi first” business models


    Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced new features to its HotSpot 2.0 Passpoint system as more providers look to adopt “Wi-Fi first” business models. 

    The latest additions, which allow users to more quickly and securely connect to Passpoint, presents an opportunity for network providers to offer an enhanced browsing experience for customers with Wi-Fi only devices, Wi-Fi Alliance claimed.

    Amongst the new features includes the ability for providers to distribute their own tailored network policies through Passpoint, to ensure users keep in line with their specific Wi-Fi roaming terms.

    Edgar Figueroa, CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance, said: “Enthusiasm for Passpoint from both mobile and fixed operators continues to mount, and the strategic value of Passpoint extends into new segments as well.”

    “What makes the new features exciting is that they empower businesses to realise the powerful commercial impact that Wi-Fi can offer by giving them the ability to engage with customers on a new platform in a secure and streamlined fashion.” 

    Suraj Shetty, Vice President of Cisco’s Service Provider Mobility Solutions, said Passpoint was “a critical solution for service providers who want to get the most value from investments in Wi-Fi.”

    Wi-Fi Alliance claimed that Passpoint now offered a more streamlined experience for users, who can now sign up to the service at the point of access and receive immediate account provisioning, rather than having to sign over a separate network.

    It also said that registering new devices had been made more secure, providing users with a more robust system for exchanging security credentials and configurations when connecting to their provider’s network.

    More than 20 operators are currently engaged in Passpoint-based Wi-Fi roaming trials, Wi-fi Alliance claimed, with Orange, SK Telekom and Time Warner Cable amongst those having already deployed Passpoint networks.

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