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    New AT&T Wi-Fi hub to offer turnkey roaming solution


    AT&T, Accuris Networks and BSG Wireless plan to launch a Wi-Fi hub for global operators that enables turnkey roaming services for customers. 

    The AT&T Wi-FI hub, developed using Accuris Networks’ AccuROAM platform, uses SIM-based account credentials that allows smartphone and tablet users to automatically connect to Wi-Fi hotspots whilst roaming. It also negates the need for users to enter usernames or passwords for authentication.

    Additionally, being a turnkey solution, operators can avoid the process of identifying Wi-Fi providers in roaming territories and negotiating terms with overseas providers.

    As a result, users will be able to connect quickly and seamlessly to roaming services simply by downloading an accompanying app from their Wi-Fi provider.

    Jeff Brown, CEO of Accuris Networks, said: “The AT&T Wi-Fi Hub is an operator-focused hub. AT&T has spent the time and made the investments to solve the key issues that have challenged many operators who have wanted to offer Wi-Fi roaming. Using the hub benefits operators as well as their customers, since it offers Wi-Fi roaming that is secure, simple and easy to use.”

    The AT&T wireless hub supports HotSpot 2.0 as well as the WBA Wireless Roaming Intermediary eXchange (WRIX) specifications that allows roaming between operators.

    Meanwhile, BSG Wireless will handle operator interconnection, data clearing and financial settlement services resulting from roaming.

    JR Wilson, VP of Partnerships and Alliances and AT&T, commented: “Our collaboration with Accuris Networks and BSG Wireless means that we’ll be able to launch our hub quickly and deliver a wholesale Wi-Fi solution that is seamless and secure.”

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