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    Nokia giving green light to O-RAN Alliance again after brief flickering


    Technical issues needed clearing but its switched back on comes over loud and clear

    Nokia’s Mobile Networks president Tommi Uitto says the equipment maker’s technical contribution to the O-RAN Alliance will resume after a period of detachment.

    The cause, doubts about US legislation, has been resolved and the channels of communication have re-opened, according to his Nokia blog.

    “For a short time, we had to pause our technical activity with the alliance while important legal issues were ironed out,” Uitto blogs.

    However, the O-RAN commitment was never in doubt, Uitto claims.

    “While much has been written in recent days about that decision, I want to reiterate something that has not – and will not – change: Nokia is fully committed to O-RAN and a believer in the potential of O-RAN,” said Uitto.

    The blog unveiled ‘encouraging news’ that the O-RAN Alliance has announced changes to its O-RAN participation documents and procedures. These procedural changes will keep O-RAN’s technical activities in compliance with US law, a precaution that allows the ‘exciting work’ to resume.

    Nokia remains the strongest contributor to the alliance’s technical work, with its technical contributions evident across most of the alliance’s ten working groups and four focus groups.

    Concentrate on the evolving spec of O-RAN

    Uitto said the next technical challenges to be tackled will arise from evolving O-RAN specifications as the O-RAN ecosystem takes time to mature. He praised the speed at which the O-RAN Alliance resolved recent issues and the spirit of community and co-operation. 

    “Rest assured that Nokia will continue to play a leading role in shaping its exciting future,” was Uitto’s message to doubters.

    Meanwhile some O-RAN members may be subject to US export regulations, reports RCR Wireless News.

    In response the O-RAN Board has approved changes to O-RAN participation documents and procedures, said Andre Fuetsch, Chairman of the O-RAN Alliance. “While it is up to each O-RAN participant to make their own evaluation of these changes, O-RAN is optimistic that the changes will address the concerns and facilitate O-RAN’s mission.”