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    Nokia signals upgrade to Greece’s rail network connectivity


    Greece’s national railway operator OSE is to deploy Nokia Networks’s GSM-Railway solution to improve connectivity across its lines. 

    The vendor said the upgraded network will bring about a safer and more reliable railway network across the country. It added that it also paves the way for future network expansion.

    The solution upgrades the communication network from the more traditional analogue systems, allowing rail maintenance data to be sent in real time. It meets other European railway communication system requirements, allowing the network to be updated in future.

    The vendor claimed the product can reduce operational costs, improve safety and offer a more reliable transport network.

    Athanasios Exarchos, Country Director at Nokia Networks Greece, said: “This modernisation project will put in place a system for future expansion and integration for ERGOSE. With this deal, we are not only getting a clear trust message from our customer, we are confirming our position as the leading company in the railways business.”

    Ioannis Dimitriou, President of ERGOSE, GSM-R Committee, added: “The GSM-R core system modernisation will provide future expandability to meet new European requirements, more up-to-date services to train drivers and traffic controllers as well as assure the maintainability of the system in the long term.”

    The GSM-R solution has been deployed 29 times globally, spanning some 70,000 kilometres of track.

    Earlier this year, Swisscom partnered with BICS to bring data roaming to SBB’s fleet of trains. The rail operator said this move was necessary to allow its staff to access several “service critical” enterprise applications during a train’s journey.

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