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    Nokia Spain and Telefónica tap 5G for entertainment and media


    Nokia Spain and Telefónica are working together to implement a 5G testbed for media and entertainment.

    The use case will contribute to the European H2020 5G EVE project, a validation platform which aims to connect 5G trials throughout Europe. 

    The objective of the new testbed is to help Telefónica use 5G to customise and enhance user experience for media and entertainment services.

    To facilitate the work, Nokia Spain has become a Gold Collaborator of the Madrid-based 5TONIC Open 5G Lab, which was set up in 2015 by Telefónica and research group IMDEA Networks.

    Complete 5G testbed

    Nokia and Telefónica will deploy a complete 5G network infrastructure in the 5TONIC lab.

    The infrastructure will include both radio access and core networks, as well as an edge computing platform that will be tested as an alternative to Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for video services provided to 5G-connected users.

    Within 5G EVE, Nokia is contributing to the development of a KPI collection framework that aims to speed up 5G vertical experimentation and reduce the capital and operational expenses of production labs.

    The collaboration will last for the duration of the EVE project, which is scheduled to run until July 2021.

    A first version of this use case will be shown at the upcoming EuCNC 2019 conference in Valencia (June 18-12), as well as at the 5G Forum in Dresden in September and October.