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    Nokia to police signalling surge with new solution


    Nokia has vowed to act as a “traffic cop” for the expected surge in Internet of Things and VoLTE signalling with a new Dynamic Diameter Engine.

    The cloud-based solution scales and secures control plane traffic across fixed and mobile networks, allowing operators to roll out intelligent rules and manage complex signalling.

    Nokia claimed the engine can handle 500,000 transactions per second and can reduce operational expenses by allowing operators to build and change new rules on the fly.

    The vendor said the solution has already been deployed by a tier one United States operator. It will be launched globally next month.

    Sue Rudd, Director Service Provider Analysis at Strategy Analytics, commented: “Signaling traffic is escalating as new services, IoT devices and complex new use cases demand highly flexible and scalable handling. Operators must be able to vary control plane and signaling capacity instantly for new Diameter traffic flows.

    “The only cost effective approach is for operators to virtualise their network signaling resources. Built for virtualisation, the Nokia DDE Diameter signaling controller and its embedded Agile Rules Technology addresses the need for intelligent scalability and adds the extensibility of a Cloud-based solution.”

    Bhaskar Gorti, President of the Applications and Analytics Business Group at Nokia, added: “There are plenty of established signaling control solutions that do the job as required today. However, they typically are not built for virtualisation and often lack the flexibility needed for the signaling requirements of IoT and VoLTE.”