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    O2 UK releases Smart Tracking for fleet management


    O2 UK has launched a new fleet management solution for enterprises.

    Smart Tracking delivers real-time data about the likes of a vehicle’s location, how it is being driven and its fuel levels.

    Vehicles can be tracked across the whole of Europe with O2 offering two options for enterprises.

    O2 Smart Tracking is the feature-rich option, giving enterprises a greater range of data, including tyre pressure, seat belt engagement and engine diagnostics trouble codes.

    A basic Track and Go version offers real-time location, trip visualisation, unlimited geofencing and alerts and reports.

    Both solutions use a plug-and-play device that fits into a vehicle’s OBD-II port.

    Fuel consumption is the biggest expenditure in fleet management, accounting for 36 percent of costs. O2 said by alerting drivers to when they are speeding, as well as route optimisation, there could be ways of making fuel consumption more efficient.

    Vinnett Taylor, Head of IoT & M2M Direct at O2, said: “Our customers tell us that managing a fleet of vehicles can be expensive, time-consuming and stressful. With the right tools and technology valuable data can be collected and analysed, helping businesses make informed decisions and deliver effective solutions to reduce costs.”

    Parent Telefónica is also combining transport and connectivity as part of its big data strategy. After initially focusing on retail, its Smart Steps programme was revamped to sell data to the transport, real-estate and government sectors.

    Smart Steps was recently launched into China, as part of a partnership with China Unicom.