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    OPNFV launches first software release


    The OPNFV project has launched its first software release for open source developers.

    OPNFV Arno contains initial builds of NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) components. Developers can now use Arno for use case-based testing, OPNFV said.

    The software, based on ETSI NFV architecture, is compatible with platforms from OpenStack, Ceph, OpenDaylight and Open vSwitch and allows developers to deploy third-party virtual network functions (VNFs) in order to test functionality.

    Arno also enables continuous integration of new, open components as and when they are developed, OPNFV claimed. Meanwhile, a new community “test lab” infrastructure has also been launched in order to test various NFV scenarios and ensure interoperability for vendors and end-users.

    The Open Platform for NFV Project was launched in October last year after a number of major industry players banded together with the aim of accelerating the rollout of virtualisation technology.

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    Heather Kirksey, Director of OPNFV, said: “Delivering Arno within eight months is a true testament to the benefits of an open source collaborative model. With Arno, end users can delve into the platform and begin testing use cases right away. 

    “Our goal for future releases is to continue enhancing the platform with new features that address specific real-world scenarios and carrier-grade requirements.”

    Meanwhile Dr. Steven Wright, Chairman of ETSI NFV ISG, said the release was “a major milestone for OPNFV and the NFV ecosystem in building the integrated open source NFV platform”.

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    Last month, a report from Alcatel-Lucent’s Bell Labs claimed operators that adopt virtualisation start to realise €39 billion, mainly through cost-savings and increased efficiencies.