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    Orange Business Services signs deal with Open Fiber in Italy


    Orange Business Services has signed an agreement to use the Italian broadband company’s infrastructure to provide value added services.

    The deal will give the French operator’s digital services subsidiary access to Open Fiber’s fibre to the home (FTTH) network to deliver digital solutions such as cloud services, data analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

    Francesca Puggioni, Managing Director, Southern Europe, Orange Business Services, said, “The innovative and highly advanced offer of Orange Business Services finds its ideal partner in the Open Fiber project. Changing the scenario of high-speed connectivity in Italy is essential for the development of value-added services.”

    She added: “Our Engage2025 strategic plan is guided by the desire to support national and international companies with a co-innovation model, in order to develop innovative digital services for the benefit of business, employees and the entire community, in line with the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy at the heart of our corporate identity.”

    Smart city and business applications

    Orange Business Services and Open Fiber are also exploring smart city offers relating to smart parking, congestion reduction, public safety, air quality improvement and more, through “combining the experience of Orange Business Services as a digital transformer and its advanced applications with the reliability of the services and infrastructures of the Open Fiber network” to analyse data from city infrastructure.

    “The agreement with Orange Business Services testifies to the clear and inevitable choice of the two companies to focus on FTTH, the technology in which they are both on the European podium,” Elisabetta Ripa, CEO of Open Fiber, commented. “With the updating of the business plan, Open Fiber will devote particular attention to the business world, given the growing demand for ultra-broadband connections by businesses.”