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    Orange Spain hits 15GBps in 5G demonstration


    Orange Spain has claimed another download speed record for the market, hitting speeds of up to 15GBps in a 5G demonstration with Ericsson.

    The operator held a test simulating user experience at street level, where the speeds were hit, as well a separate test where 4K video was successfully beamed to a moving vehicle.

    The demonstrations involved a mixture of existing radio equipment, as well as Ericsson’s 5G New Radio hardware.

    A spokesperson said: “This technology, which is based on the construction of powerful and flexible networks, will be the birth of a new generation of experiences in all areas; intelligent cities, Internet of Things, the era of machines, etc., but especially in mobile computing, since moving connectivity in 5G will be the distinguishing feature of this technology. All this will create opportunities for new use cases that we cannot even imagine.”

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    The trials beat those of 2016, when Orange hit speeds of 1.5GBps on its mobile network and 10GBps across its fibre infrastructure.

    European 5G trials are gaining momentum as telcos get closer to locking down standards for the technology. Last week, TIM and Fastweb said they were prepping networks for pre-standard 5G trials next year.

    Earlier this month, Deutsche Telekom boasted it had hit speeds of more than 2GBps and latencies of less than three milliseconds during a demonstration in Berlin.

    During the summer, Orange partnered with Nokia and BT to develop a new 5G platform-as-a-service offering, which will allow developers to build and run cloud applications for future networks.