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    OSSii gets boost from Cisco, Tektronix licensing deals with Ericsson


    Ericsson will license its OSS interfaces for integration with products from Cisco and Tektronix as part of the cross-vendor OSSii partnership.

    The Swedish vendor’s interfaces will be used with Cisco’s range of self-optimising network products and Tektronix Communication’s TrueCall analytics platform.

    The new agreements form part of the OSS Interoperability Initiative (OSSii), which was signed in 2013 by Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia. The industry initiative was formed with the aim of developing interoperability between OSS products through sharing data.

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    Products that go through the OSSii pre-verification process have their interfaces managed by the cross-vendor body. One advantage of doing so is the ability to bypass complex integration processes, the OSSii claimed.

    The three year licensing deals, which began last month, are believed to be among the first to be signed since the OSSii was set up.

    Fredrik Gessler, Head of Network Analytics and Management, Ericsson, said: “With the rapid evolution of mobile networks, interoperability is becoming a major expense for operators. OSSii addresses this issue by delivering integration efficiencies, faster time-to-market and lower integration costs.

    “Ericsson’s agreements with Cisco Systems and Tektronix Communications underline Ericsson’s commitment to supporting interoperability and to providing flexibility for our customers.”

    Uzi Breier, Director of Business Development, Cisco, added: “Cisco’s collaboration with Ericsson on the OSSii initiative helps both companies deliver superior service. Fine tuning Cisco’s SON to the most updated Ericsson interfaces and specifications will help maximise the potential of our customers’ radio access networks.”