Finnet benchmarks GSM network performance


Uses Actix for testing and improvement

Actix, the global provider of wireless performance engineering solutions, has today announced that Finnet, a Finnish telecommunications group, has selected Actix’ wireless performance engineering solutions to benchmark its wireless networks against competitors and optimize its GSM and GPRS networks by analyzing drive test data.

Finnet selected Actix’ software because of its vendor independence in supporting different network measurement tools, extensive out-of-the-box functionality, and the ability to ‘drill down’ into drive test data to identify and understand how to fix problems and enhance network performance.
Finnet also choose Actix to provide its wireless performance engineering solutions because Actix solutions support all major wireless network technologies worldwide. Through this support, Finnet is assured that other Actix solutions could be seamlessly deployed to support network technologies such as EDGE, if the company choose to launch services based on new technology in the future. Engineers at Finnet also use Actix’ solutions to
generate reports to advise Finnet management.

Actix solutions are entirely vendor independent and enable operators to analyze raw wireless network data from a mix of network technologies, systems and data collection solutions in fine detail. This gives a complete picture of vital wireless functions and the quality of service delivery from the subscriber’s perspective; it also enables engineers to ‘drill down’ to the root cause of any deficiencies.

The solutions are highly flexible, enabling analysis to be tailored to support different tasks such as candidate site coverage evaluation, troubleshooting of areas with poor call quality and distant servers, and comparison of uplink and downlink performance.

Based on Actix’ vendor-independent, standards-based  platform, the solutions provide advanced mapping, charting and reporting features, as well as powerful data analysis for all aspects of performance engineering. Presentation of data is simplified, allowing engineers to easily quantify and troubleshoot network performance - standard templates for the analysis of drive test data are built in to the software and can be readily customized by the user for specific tasks.

Jukka Jokisalo, Development Manager, Radio Networks, Finnet Networks Ltd, said, “Actix’ performance engineering solutions enable us to benchmark our networks against competitors, as well as improve and troubleshoot our own by analyzing large amounts of drive test data. Actix also assists us to feature-proof our operations by supporting a very wide range of network technologies. If we deploy other network technology in the future, we can be sure that Actix will have a solution that will fit seamless in with our performance engineering requirements.”

Duncan Vardy, Head of Product Management, Actix said, “Wireless operators are under pressure to rapidly deploy new revenue generating services while at the same time delivering an optimized subscriber experience. By using Actix solutions, Finnet has been able to deliver on both of these business critical challenges quickly and efficiently." He added: "Finnet is the latest in a growing number of wireless operators to adopt Actix solutions as a fundamental part of their service roll-out and optimization."

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