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    Proximus preps VoLTE, trials 4.5G


    Proximus is launching VoLTE in Belgium after hitting download speeds of 1.1GBps in a trial of 4.5G technology.

    The voice technology will be available to consumers with compatible handsets for free in “a few months”. The operator is currently holding “extensive tests”.

    It said it has seen a tenfold mobile data increase in its network since 2013, thanks in part to the performance of its LTE network.

    The operator said it expects average data traffic to increase by a further eightfold by 2020, largely driven by video.

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    In a trial with Huawei, Proximus aggregated spectrum in its 800MHz, 1800MHz, 2.1GHz and 2.6Ghz holdings, a first in Belgium.

    The operator said the innovation would pave the way for consumers enjoying the likes of 4K video, virtual and augmented reality.

    It said the roll out of the technology was subject to regulatory approval.

    Geert Standaert, Chief Technology Officer, said: “At Proximus, we believe the abundance of applications will require higher network performance in terms of speed, latency, and number of simultaneous connections. Just look at all the applications in advanced telemedicine, connected cars, or the all-pervasive media.

    “In a world where everything will be connected, we want to continue offering the best mobile user experience, and we are delighted with the successful testing of 4.5G technology with our partner Huawei.”

    Last year, the operator launched LTE-Advanced, an indoors coverage extender, smart Wi-Fi and a LoRa-based Internet of Things network.