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    Qualcomm reveals new 5G prototype system and trial platform


    Qualcomm has announced a 5G prototype radio system and trial platform, which runs in sub-6GHz bands.

    It comprises a base station and user equipment that can support wider bandwidths of more than 100MHz, to deliver multi-gigabit speeds, and an integrated subframe design, which supports low latencies.

    Qualcomm said it wants to use the hardware to contribute to the ongoing development of 5G standards. The chipset maker said it will track 3GPP progress on trials by operators, vendors and industry players, as well as share information with the body in order to develop standards for a new OFDM-based 5G air interface.

    This new testbed, which is being showcased at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, builds upon Qualcomm’s existing mmwave prototype system. It operates in the 28GHz band and uses the likes of advanced beamforming and beamsterring to deliver non-line of sight cellular communications.

    Matt Grob, Executive Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer, Qualcomm Technologies, said: “The 5G NR prototype further demonstrates our leadership in developing a unified, more capable 5G air interface, building upon our long-standing expertise in delivering OFDM chips and technology with LTE and Wi-Fi. We are excited to collaborate with leading network operators like China Mobile Communications Corporation on 5G technology development and testing to support the work required for 3GPP 5G standardisation.”

    Research and 5G trials are continuing as telcos seek to further develop next generation technology. Last week, Telefónica signed two memoranda of understanding, with Huawei and ZTE, to explore new kinds of radio access networks.